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Title: "Chansons Traditionnelles & Originaux/French/English/Spanish/Creole/German"

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NEWS!! Lucie Therrien original "Memere" has been published in three prestigious books:
1) "Je me Souviens" by Elizabeth Blood & J. Vincent H. Morissette, pub. by Georgtown University Press, Wash D.C. ISBN 978-1-62616-0089-7
2) "Shaping our Heritage" published by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, ISBN 978-0615-604848
3)  "Heliotrope" , French Heritage Women, by Rhea Cote, published by Franco American Women's Institue

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Copyright 2008 Lucie Therrien

Doctor Davignon had gone fishing.
Otherwise, I might have been born at home.
I was badly positioned in my mother’s womb.
Papa called the U.S. border customs
In Rock Island, Quebec
Down the hill from where we lived
For permission to cross over.
It was an emergency!
When they did, mother was screaming
So the immigration officer said:
“Go ahead, Go ahead!,” and waived them through.
My grandmother had climbed into the back seat
Leaving behind the chicken
She had been roasting for supper.

At 8 p.m., Doctor Sherman, a German man
Delivered me in the Newport, Vermont hospital.
He dangled me upside down
With my peanut shaped head pointed at the floor.
Papa left Mommy sitting in a wheelchair
While he drove back to report my birth to the border.
There began my destiny.

I was born with a dual citizenship
Bound to, and torn forever between two countries.
If one walks down main street
Straddling the median
In the tiny town of Beebe, Quebec
They notice that the license plates
On one side are Canadian
And on the other side,  American.
Beebe and Rock Island are side by side.

I was named Edna Lucille.
For no reason I’m aware of
It became Lucille Edna, gratefully.
Friends who call me Lucille
Are connected to my French roots.
I had many names thereafter:
‘Cille, was a nickname given to me by
My family, close friends and relatives.
I was greeted with “Hi Loose!” meaning Luce
When I moved to the U.S.A.
“I don’t think so,” I retorted.
Since shortening my name appeared inevitable
I agreed to accept Lucie
As long as it ended with an i and an e
Spelled the French way.
Today it is my professional stage name.
It reminds me of the transition I made
From Canada to the United States.

to be continued....

Concord Monitor: "Such a life...she writes with joie-de-vivre and pride in her heritage...she writes with spirit...she writes with soul and self-knowledge..." Rebecca Rule
Foster's Daily Democrat: "Dual Citizen - so much so well said by Therrien" Jacquelyn Benson
"Lovely writing..." Susan Poulin, playwright.
"I was touched by your honesty. Great Job!" John Michael Albert, poet
"I absolutely love your memoirs." Barbara Wintle, Quebec
"...a source of inspiration to me and many...bless your many gifts"
Pat Sullivan, New Hampshire
"...I was touched by the adversity you have overcome..."
Richard Orkin, New Hampshire
"...I listened to your CD....the one word that comes to mind: perfection. My senses tingled with your poetry. " D. Foss, New Hampshire
"...J'aime beaucoup ton ecriture...c'est frais, "punchy" et plein de sensibilites...." Carole Auger, journaliste, Quebec.
"If I had to choose only five things to take with me, one of them would be Lucie's Book & CD set "Dual Citizen." I consider it one of my most precious possessions. "    Magi Leland, artist and jewelry craftsman.

          "It is my distinct pleasure to congratulate you on being invited to represent NH at the...Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Wash. D.C.," 
Former Governor NH,  and current senator Jean Shaheen.
         "{Lucie s} latest DVD/video proves that she is indeed one of the most imposing and talented artists on the contemporary scene."
Dr. Mel Yoken, Prof. at Univ. of Mass. Dartmouth, and member of nominating committee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.
         "La qualite de ton beaute, sensibilite, chaleur de ton texte m'a vraiment touchee."
Dr. Dominique Testud, FLFA, Paris.
       "I purchased your CD at La Kermesse wife and I played it through three times on the drive home to Massachusetts."
C. Hutchison, Regiment de Saintonge.
         "So many people commented to me, not just on your fine performance!  But also on your beauty and grace."
Stephanie Voss Nugent, Director, Act One Productions.

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