GOLDEN AGE PROGRAMS (scroll down for agenda)  

by Lucie Therrien (often misspelled as Lucy Terien or Lucy Terian)

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5 Junkins Ave., Ste 106
Portsmouth, N.H. 03801
Tel. (603) 430-9524
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I provide experienced professional programs for nursing homes, assisted living, & rehabilitation facilities.

DESCRIPTION: A one hour musical program, (in many languages if desired, such as English/French /Spanish + 5 others), on guitar and/or piano (if you have one), plus other instruments (such as the spoons). It comprises both sing-a-long and listening songs. I'm sensitive to the fact different residents have different tastes. The residents are encouraged to join in with with songs both old and new,  to clap their hands, tap their feet, or gesture, if they are willing. I also walk around the room with a few a capela songs to make eye contact with each resident, inviting their participation. Sometimes I give the lyrics verbally as we go along, helping with memory loss and exercising short term memory. Many assisted living residents are not interested in participating, and prefer a recital. That's fine too!

MY FEE: is reasonable and affordable. I have been providing programs for facilities such as yours for over twenty years.  A reminder invoice is sent 30 days prior, to give you ample time to prepare the activity room, and payment.

PROFILE: I have been a concert musician for over 25 years (with 15 recordings to my credit and 4 DVDs/videos & a Book/CD set), and am reknown as a French-Canadian recording artist, here and abroad. Including elder residences in my profession has filled me with satisfaction for over 20 years. Some facilities include me in their activities on a monthly basis. Referrals are available upon request.

It is truly a pleasure for me to reach out to you. I hope I can be of service to your facility.

Sincerely, Lucie Therrien

Below are private engagements: (To see PUBLIC PERFORMANCES: Paste:

in Spain, from 1/22 to 3/14, 2020

29  Saco, Maine, Wardwell, 2pm

07 Manchester,  NH, Evergreen 10:15 am
12 Saco, Maine, Genesis 3pm
22 Manchester, NH, Hanover Hill  2pm

11 Kittery, Maine, Durgin Pines 2:30
26  Saco, Maine, Wardwell, 2pm

09 Durham, NH, Hickory Pond, 2pm

07 Exeter, NH, Langdon Place, 2pm
14  Manchester, NH, Hanover Hill  2pm
26  Saco, Maine, Wardwell, 2pm

01 Somersworth, NH, Public housing at 11am and 1:30 pm
24 Manchester,  NH, Evergreen 10:15 am

09  Manchester, NH, Hanover Hill  2pm
15  Saco, Maine, Wardwell, 2pm
21 Durham, NH, Hickory Pond, 2pm2
22 Kittery, Maine, Durgin Pines 2:30

05 Saco, Maine, Genesis 3pm

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