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5 Junkins Ave., Ste. 106
Portsmouth, N.H. 03801
Tel. (603) 430-9524
e-mail: lth@star.net (scroll to the bottom of the page to send directly)

Located in the heart of downtown Portsmouth.  Scroll down to the article published in the Portsmouth Herald.

LESSONS: in piano, guitar and voice. Lessons blend beginnner level to advanced level techniques, with theoretical concepts - for all ages. Recitals are available for performance opportunities.

FRENCH CONVERSATION LESSONS AVAILABLE, AS WELL AS FRENCH FOLKSINGING. Lucie Therrien is fluent in French, being a native of the language.

TUITION: is $28.00 for l/2 hour lesson. A 7-week commitment is required at registration.
 A 45-minute lesson, $40.00 requires a 6 week commitment and l hour lesson,
$55.00, requires a 5 week commitment.  
Lessons are by appointment only, prompt, and at the same time weekly.

INSTRUCTOR: Lucille (Lucie) Therrien, B.A. piano performance, M.A. in music history. Nationaly certified teacher (NCTM). Touring artist with the New Hampshire Council of the Arts since l983. Speaker for the NH Humanities Council. Recording artist and composer. Over 25 years of performing experience and over 18 years of teaching experience.

"My daughter.. is in an early intermediate level, and has learned a tremendous amount of skills in such a short period, thanks to the quality of Lucie's lessons which are thorough in every aspect." C. Gaffney (her daughter won the state competition with the NH National Piano Teacher's Association while a student with Lucie).  

"Lucie always finds the words that "click" or the method of practicing that solves each....problem". D.Foss, student of 8 years.

" I would highly recommend Lucie as an experienced music instructor. I feel fortunate that my son is able to benefit from her talents." P.Glidden.

"Thank you for tutoring our daughter so wonderfully (French tutoring for PHD requirement)."  A. Zoeller, Seattle, 2015

" Our daughter ... is earning her fine arts credit through this program...we feel that she has been a very positive influence in our daughter's growth and appreciation of music." S. and A. Anderson

"I want to thank you for all you have taught him { son} - not just the piano, but a sense of performance and professionalism that he will carry with him all his life." A. Dwyer

"I 've taken lessons with her {Lucie} since I was eight years old...She is someone I respect because she is a woman who loves music deeply, and shares that love with others in every way possible." Emily Sanders, essay written for Phillips Exeter Academy, in March 2000, at age thirteen.


NEWS!! Lucie Therrien was featured in an article in the Seacoast Portsmouth Herald on June 26th, 2007, read on...

"Lucie Therrien, an internationally recognized performer, teaches music in both English and French at Studio Do-Re-Mi in Portsmouth. As her own agent, Therrien produces and illustrates her own compact discs and DVDs about her work.
Shir Haberman, Portsmouth Herald
June 26, 2007 6:00 AM

Studio do-re-mi
Owner: Lucie Therrien, certified teacher and performer
Telephone: 603-430-9524
Web: www.LucieT.com

PORTSMOUTH — There are few communities in the world — and most of them are in large, metropolitan areas — where internationally recognized performers have chosen to share their talents and experience with local students. Portsmouth is one of those places, and Lucie Therrien is one of those performers.

"I'm driven and passionate about what I do," Therrien said.
What Therrien does is perform and record traditional and contemporary French-Canadian music. She is internationally recognized as both a performer and educator in this genre.

She is also a noted speaker, artist and writer. At her Studio Do-Re-Mi in Portsmouth, students can take classes in voice, guitar, piano, French conversation, French folk singing and music composition.

Born in Vermont to a French-Canadian father and an English-Canadian mother, Therrien is comfortable teaching and performing in either language. She has toured extensively in international French countries (see her profile. Return to home page) And her performances are a combination of songs and explanations about the music and lyrics.

"I am a multicultural person, love languages and am very curious about what makes people so different from country to country and within countries," Therrien told a reporter for a magazine published by the National Association for the Self-Employed

She has taken over the production and illustration of her own CDs and DVDs, which, while time consuming, gives Therrien yet another creative avenue to explore.

"When I perform, I feel high," she said. "When I teach my students, I love them; they become like family. And the creativity of putting out a product is amazing."

From the start, Therrien has been her own agent and publish under her own label. "I have had invitations to be managed, but refused them because I wanted to preserve my quality of life," she told the magazine.

Her love of travel and language has led Therrien to perform in exotic places like Vietnam, North Africa, Quebec, France,  and Martinique.  "In France, because of the fresh approach I bring, they call my music exotic," she said.

However, Therrien sees herself as part of the totality of one world. She is also a poet, performing it at local 'hoots,' and because of the tremendous reception she has received, publishing books of her poems. One of those poems, "Citizen of the World," expresses her desire to be seen in that light:

"I'm a citizen of the world
But the world won't recognize it
They've confined me to a pigeon hole
Assigned me a number with nine digits."

The poem concludes:
"I want to be a citizen of the world
Like the New Hampshire motto 'Live Free or Die'
Cohabit, without harassment on the same planet
As my brethren in India, Japan and Tibet.
I perceive the world as a globe
Like the astronauts do
As part of a peaceful firmament
A Gestalt point of view."

It is clear that studying with Lucie Therrien is unlike taking lessons with any other teacher. She not only immerses her students in whatever instrument or language they are interested in, but gives them the benefit of being with a highly talented, well-travelled and extremely thoughtful human being with a unique outlook on life and how to experience it.

Studio Do-Re-Mi offers not only music and French lessons, but insights into the life and times of an internationally recognized celebrity with a special world view. Spending time with Therrien in her small and warm studio may be how the real lessons are learned. "-  End of article.

COMPETITION WINNER: Kelly Gaffney, first prize, Level Junior A., 11 years old the Granite State competition, Spring l992, sponsored by the Music Teachers National Association, at Plymouth State College. Student of Studio Do-Ré-Mi.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: please telephone the studio

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