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Author/auteure Lucie Therrien "25 years of Heritage Keepsakes."
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BOOK & CD SET "Once again your efforts have allowed me to retain an incredible American treasure, keepsake and a personal heritage both profound and dear to me." R. W. Harriman, a fan.   Visit agenda (on Home Page) for Concerts, Readings & Signings.      

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Title: “DUAL CITIZEN-Deux Citoyennetes”   by Lucie Therrien

Subtitled: "Mémoir Glimpses
               "Song & Poems" (CD enclosed)

Book Description:“LUCIE THERRIEN has enjoyed a lifelong musical career. She grew up in the Province of Québec, establishing a career when she moved to New England, U.S.A., as a young adult.  French-Canadian music and traditions are her signature, coupled with her own expressive creativity. She has published many CDs, DVDs, a songbook and researches, performed over five continents, and won numerous awards from the NHSCA, a state agency of the National Endowment for the Arts.

     The book has three distinct parts: Memoir glimpses, written in English poetry (prose and/or rhyming style),  with a French cachet, chronicling the critical events that paved her life: the inner struggles brought on by her cultural, linguistic and  national duality; events following her crossing of the border; surviving crises; illness; and challenges, both as a young girl and as a woman. It details how she carved a unique niche in an unusual, challenging and competitive career in French, in an English speaking country - a veritable tour de force. Traveling the world as a single woman entertainer, she encountered danger and joy,  and had to make difficult choices when it came to relationships. Traditions: French-Canadian gives an overview of the history of feasts, recipes, dances, and games she was brought up with. Songs & Poems includes the lyrics and poetry recorded on the CD (included).                                                              106 pages, 28 pictures, $29.95

SONGS & POEMS”/CD INCLUDED (original lyrics printed in the book)
1.   Vocalize x
2.   La Pleine Lune, (The Full Moon), English poem/L.Therrien/ music: “Grey”
3.   New England Blues, song/lyrics/music/guitar: L.Therrien
4.   The Spirit in the Violin Case, poem: L.Therrien,  fiddle: Eugene Therrien (Papa)
5.   Carousel, (by Jacques Brel), song/French/English rendition* x
6.   Two Views, poem/L.Therrien, music/“Ballade pour Adeline”
7.   Una Señorita, song/lyrics/music: L.Therrien, Spanish x
8.   Tango with me,  poem/music: L.Therrien
9.   A Man and a Woman, (from the movie) French rendition* x
10. Ave Maria, English poem: L.Therrien/music Gounod
11. Life Beyond the Wings, song/lyrics/music:L.Therrien
12. Les Fiançailles (The Betrothal) English poem: L.Therrien, music “Aranjuez”
13. Plaisir d’amour, traditional song, French/English rendition* x
14. Requiem, English poem: L.Therrien, music: “Gymnopédie #1,” Satie
15. Unsung Heroes, song/lyrics/music/guitar: L.Therrien
16. Hyper, song/music/lyrics: L.Therrien, French/English x
17. Je ne Regrette Rien, (Edith Piaf), French/rendition

Lucie Therrien: all arrangements, voice, recitations, piano, guitar, production & * renditions.
x includes one or more of the following instruments: flute, sax, clarinet, percussion, keyboard.
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Concord Monitor: "Such a life...she writes with joie-de-vivre and pride in her heritage...she writes with spirit...she writes with soul and self-knowledge..." Rebecca Rule
Foster's Daily Democrat: "Dual Citizen - so much so well said by Therrien" Jacquelyn Benson
"Lovely writing..." Susan Poulin, playwright.
"I absolutely love your memoirs."
Barbara Wintle, Quebec
"...a source of inspiration to me and many."
Pat Sullivan, New Hampshire
"...I was touched by the adversity you have overcome..." Richard Orkin, New Hampshire
"...I listened to your CD....the one word that comes to mind: perfection. My sense tingled with your poetry. " D. Foss, New Hampshire

          "It is my distinct pleasure to congratulate you on being invited to represent NH at the...Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Wash. D.C.," 
Former Governor NH,  J. Shaheen.
         "{Lucie s} latest DVD/video proves that she is indeed one of the most imposing and talented artists on the contemporary scene."
Dr. Mel Yoken, Prof. at Univ. of Mass. Dartmouth, and member of nominating committee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.
         "La qualite de ton beaute, sensibilite, chaleur de ton texte m'a vraiment touchee."
Dr. Dominique Testud, FLFA, Paris.
       "I purchased your CD at La Kermesse wife and I played it through three times on the drive home to Massachusetts."
C. Hutchison, Regiment de Saintonge.
         "So many people commented to me, not just on your fine performance!  But also on your beauty and grace."
Stephanie Voss Nugent, Director, Act One Productions.


Publications:French folksongs, history and culture in three booklets.

SONGBOOK/CHANSONNNIER "Chansons Folkloriques":15 of the best known French folksongs, arranged for easy to intermediate piano levels, with guitar symbols, & 2 to 4 part vocal harmonies, lyrics, interspersed with beautiful photos & historical anecdotes. A treasure for the family, an educational tool for schools, teachers, libraries, musicians & singers. Keys & arrangements of songs recorded on the videos/dvds, CD's, are the same as the songbook, to facilitate learning. 15 chansons favorites, arrangées pour piano, guitare, 2-4 harmonies vocales, paroles, photos, histoire, traduction. Idéal pour la famille, la classe, la bibliotheque, musiciens et chanteurs. Les clés des arrangements sont les mêmes que les arrangemnts en vidéos/dvd, et enrégistrements pour facilitier l'apprentissage. Repertoire: A la Claire Fontaine, Saint- Malo Beau Port de Mer, Alouette, Au Clair de la Lune, Aupr&egraves de ma Blonde,Un Canadien Errant, Chevaliers de la Table ronde, Ferme tes Jolis Yeux, Fr&egravere Jacques, L'Hirondelle, Plaisir d'Amour, Sur le Pont d'Avignon, Vive la Canadienne,Vive la Compagnie, etc

$19.99 each/chaque
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The Biculturalism of French-Canadian Music 1534-1759 Indian/French by Lucie Therrien
(Printed in English only/imprimé en Anglais seulement) A scholarly account of the beginnings of music in Acadia & Quebec, from the debarkation of the first French pioneers, & their encounter with the Indians, to the evangelization that brought on a cultural exchange: a cross-fertilization that permeated music.  The French & Indian genres of music are explored in this study. Records were found in the annals of the missionaries, voyagers & explorers.
50+pages, $19.99
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The Biculturalism of Quebec Music 1759-1800 French/English by Lucie Therrien
(Printed in English only/imprimé en Anglais seulement) A scholarly research that covers the evolution of the French-Canadian music, after the British conquest. It describes the first representations of chamber music, theater & concerts, instrument vendors, printed music, schools of music. A time when the English gentleman & French "gentilhomme" were side by side, part of the same audiences.
30 +pages, $19.99
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