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Lucie Therrien (often misspelled as Lucy Terian, or Lucy Terien) Franco-American Music and Culture

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( of the most imposing and talented artists on the contemporary scene...) Dr. Mel Yoken, Prof. of Univ. of Mass. Dartmouth, & member of the nominating committee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

( It is my distinct pleasure to congratulate you on being invited to represent New Hampshire at the Smithsonian Festival, Wash D.C.) .
Senator J. Shaheen

PROFILE: Nationally & internationally acclaimed recording & film artist Lucie Therrien is a performer, certified teacher, composer, linguist, filmaker, historian, author, poet, artist & speaker. She has performed across the US, Quebec and France, and has participated in cultural exchanges in No.Africa, Vietnam, Martinique and Cuba. As a widely published Franco-American artist, she has to her credit numerous DVDs/videos, recordings, a song- book & 2 research books. She is distributed nationally & internationally. French-educated, she holds a B.A & M.A. in music. As a touring artist on the Council on the Arts roster, since 1983 (a state agency of the National Endowment of the Arts), she has received several Fellowship Finalist Awards, nominations to the NH Governor's Arts Awards & the National Endowment of the Arts Folk Heritage Fellowship, four Traditional Arts Masters teaching awards, as well as film awards. The International Who's who in music includes Lucie Therrien. Cultural Affairs Commissioner Van McLeod appointed Lucie Therrien a member of the American & Canadian French Cultural Exchange Commission for the Government of New Hampshire January 2004. Her media interviews are archived at the New Hampshire State Library. She maintains a teaching studio called Studio Do-Re-Mi in Portsmouth New Hampshire..

MUSIC OFFERED: Lucie Therrien has a variety of musical programs suitable for concerts halls, universities, festivals, cultural events, schools, libraries, conferences, government agencies, art galleries, soirées, & senior activities. She primarily sings in French & English, but has performed in 6 more languages (Spanish, German, Portuguese, Latin, Creole & Italian) as well. As a solo act, she accompanies her rich vocals with piano, guitar and ethnic or percussive instruments.

        She delights audiences of all ages with a warm & lively rapport, whether in an intimate setting, a large concert hall/auditorium, or an outdoor festival. Her music & knowledge of the culture and history of the multiple Francophone ethnic populations of Quebec, Acadia, New England, Louisiana, France, & Creole areas, is obvious through her English or French entertaining & educational anecdotes. She comfortably weaves through traditional &/or contemporary repertoire, interspersed with originals, while establishing a connection between audiences of diverse cultures.

SCHOOLS K-12: residencies range from one day to several weeks. She is available for assemblies, classes, workshops(students, teachers &/or parents), combining history, culture, music, languages with the traditional experiences of the French, while simultaneously cultivating an overall awareness, respect & sensitization to everyone's respective culture. Participation & contribution in heritage activities enhancing self & mutual respect, communication, creativity & research are offered, leaving students with a desire to explore further. French language & music teaching are also possible. Programs involve student participation; they can be integrated in the curriculum, & tailored to a variety of disciplines: languages, sociology, music, history, geography, communications, poetry, and more.

SYMPOSIUMS/CONFERENCES/WORKSHOPS/SEMINARS & COMMUNITY RESIDENCIES: Universities, libraries, historical societies, nursing homes, & special needs programs, conferences, talks, or entire community residencies are available. As a recognized independent scholar by the NH Humanities Council, her various conference topics are punctuated with video/dvd & audio examples. She immerses your community in a variety of activities, in various establishments, over several days.

FEES & REQUIREMENTS: Fees are on a sliding scale, & are tailored to the event or residency, depending on the length of the program, travelling time and expense, number of days on location. Available for national and international touring, airfare must be provided. Blockbooking & combinations of programs are discounted (several days in an area or in one establishment). Soundsystem can be furnished if within driving distance.

GRANTS AVAILABLE: Partial funding in NH, for non-profit events, & for school or community residencies. For deadlines, applications, & requirements, call the NH State Council on the Arts, 603-271-2789.
For conference speaker (this grant available in NH only, 100% funding), for non-profit events, call the NH Humanities 603-224-4071. For other New England states, call the New E,ngland Foundation for the Arts, re "The New England States Touring Program" (N.E.S.T.) 6l7- 951-0010. Also listed at    Local Cultural Councils in Mass. offer educational grants. To locate the council in your area, call 617-727-3668 or 1-800-232-0960 (Massachusetts only).

VARIOUS PAST APPEARANCES       (See CONCERT AGENDA page for a listing of current appearances)

TV & RADIO: TV-5 international, Public Broadcast TV & Radio (Crossroads, Perspectives * The Exchange * Simple Gifts (in con- cert with Tom Rush & Tommy Makem) * ArtsMoments) * WCVB Boston (TheGood Day Show), Radio-Latino-Paris, CBC Canada (Les Démons du Midi), Continental Cable/ACA (Bonjour), & more

CONCERTS: Smithsonian Festival Wash. D.C. * Festival Ete Indien, France * Quebec Delegation New England Tour * NorthEast Conference New York City * Paris FLFA * Paris FIAP Jean Monnet * Festival Mondial de Folklore de Drummondville, Quebec * The Boston French Library & Cultural Ctr * Festival de Lanaudiere in Saint Jacques, Quebec * Darmouth College European parliament convention *, Harvard University Paine Hall * CanadaFest Florida * Youngstown Univ. Ohio * Univ.So.Carolina * Bowdoin College * Fetes de la Francophonie Sherbrooke Quebec * Canterbury Shaker Village * Passims of Boston * Portland museum * Currier Art Gallery * Montreal 350th Anniversary * Rotary International in Montreal * Franco-American Festivals: La Kermesse, Festival de Joie, La Bastille, Jubilee Woonsocket.

SCHOOLS & COMMUNITIES: 1 to 3 wk residencies; Dondero Elementary School , Portsmouth, NH * Berwick Academy, Maine * Applewild School, Worcester, Ma.* Euclide Gilbert French Lang. Found. Inc for Vinalhaven schools, Maine * Glastonbury Ct. Dept. of Education.* LA Arts, Lewiston, Me * Arts are Elementary, Maine. One day workshops & assemblies: Narranganset High School Ma. Bancroft School, Worcester, Ma * Athol Ma. H.S. * Concord H.S. + many more

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: each of the Foreign Language Ass. of each state in New England * Univ of Mass, Dartmouth, Ma * Plymouth State Society for Scholarly Dialogue * NH Humanities Council * Historical Societies: Berlin, Hillsboro, Nashua, Rochester, and many many more.

SENIOR CITIZENS PROGRAMS:  (see GOLDEN PROGRAMS on home page for a complete listing of current programs.)     NH Horizons 55 * Southgate at Shrewsbury Ma * Langdon Places * Clipper Homes *Governor Wentworth * Taylor Home & the Ledges * Sunbridge Residences * Riverwood Exeter * and so many more.


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LUCIE THERRIEN - PROFILE                             

(Lucie Therrien au toucher de guitare aussi subtil que la clartee de sa voix., a ravi le public...un vrai bonheur!). Le Progres, France.

* 15 (CD - enregistrements) * 4 DVD/videos * 3 livrets

MEDIA: artiste invitee à TV-5 International Quebec/Europe (Visons en Amerique) * Radio-Canada et CBC-TV (Les Demons du Midi) * Public Broadcast TV des Etats du Maine, et du New Hampshire * Bonjour (ACA & United Cable) * Radio-Latino-Paris * et maintes postes aux Etats-Unis.

CONCERTS importants: * Le 350 ieme anniversaire de Montreal * 2 prestations a Paris pour l'Association France-Louisiane/Franco-Americanie * 2 concerts au Festival Mondial de Folklore de Drummondville, Quebec * Le Festival de Lanaudiere, a Saint-Jacques, Quebec * Le festival Smithsonian de Washington D.C., USA * La Fete du Lac des Nations, Sherbrooke, Quebec * Tournees en France: Lyon, Le Puy-en-Velay, Tournon, Aurillac, et les Alpes * CanadaFest, Floride, USA * Les Rotariens internationals, Montreal, P. Quebec * La Fete de la Francophonie, Theatre Granada, Sherbrooke, Quebec * Le Festival Ete Indien, Andrezieux-Boutheon, France * Les Festivals Franco-americains en Nouvelle-Angleterre: La Kermesse, le Festival de Joie, Le Jubile Franco-americain, La Bastille, etc, * et MAINTES AUTRES.

ECHANGES CULTURELS SUR 5 CONTINENTS: au Quebec * en Martinique * en France * au Vietnam * en Tunisie * et Cuba

PROFILE: LUCIE THERRIEN, artiste Franco-Americaine d'envergure internationale, historienne, artiste, poete, auteure, linguiste, cineaste, et conferenciere, est native du Vermont, eduquee dans les ecoles francaises de la Province de Quebec. Elle detient un Breuvet en piano concert, et une Maitrise en histoire de musique. Mme Therrien est egalement professeure de musique certifiee. Elle donne des programmes, concerts solo, conferences et  animations scolaires.

HONNEURS: * deux bourses (Fellowship Finalist Award) du Conseil des Arts du New Hampshire (agence du National Endowment of the Arts) * un prix pour son video/film (Carnavals, Fetes et Festivals Francophones) * Representante des Etats Unis au Conseil Francophone de la Chanson Montreal/Belgique/Afrique en 1995 (conseil qui reunit les professionnels dans le domaine industriel de la musique) * nomination au National Endowment of the Arts Folkarts * 4 bourses (Traditional Arts Fellowship) * Elle est publiee dans Who's Who in International Music. Ses entrevues mediatiques sont preservees dans la bibliotheque de l'Etat de New Hampshire, USA.

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