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DUAL CITIZEN - Deux Citoyennetes by Lucie Therrien


17 orchestrated Songs & Poems, lyrics included in the book.
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Book Description: “LUCIE THERRIEN has enjoyed a lifelong musical career. She grew up in the Province of Québec, establishing a career when she moved to New England, U.S.A., as a young adult. French-Canadian music and traditions are her signature, coupled with her own expressive creativity. She has published many CDs, DVDs, a songbook and researches, performed over five continents, and won numerous awards from the NHSCA, a state agency of the National Endowment for the Arts.

The book has three distinct parts: Memoir glimpses, written in English poetry (prose and/or rhyming style), with a French cachet, chronicling the critical events that paved her life: the inner struggles brought on by her cultural, linguistic and national duality; events following her crossing of the border; surviving crises; illness; and challenges, both as a young girl and as a woman. It details how she carved a unique niche in an unusual, challenging and competitive career in French, in an English speaking country - a veritable tour de force. Traveling the world as a single woman entertainer, she encountered danger and joy, and had to make difficult choices when it came to relationships. Traditions: French-Canadian gives an overview of the history of feasts, recipes, dances, and games she was brought up with. Songs & Poems includes the lyrics and poetry recorded on the CD (included).

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